It comes as no surprise that Los Angeles is the most searched city ffor foreign buyers looking at homes in the United States. We have a great international airport with easy access from anywhere in the world. We have incredible weather. We have the beach and the mountains. We have great universities. And we have a diverse cultural population that International buyers can find a little piece of home in our great city.

As a Spanish speaking realtor that services Southern California and Los Angeles, I am happy to see that of the Top Ten countries that are searching in the US, Mexico is number 5. I have established a network to better serve this community.

Below represents the top ten overall most searched U.S. cities by non-U.S. consumers throughout the month of January 2013:

1. Los Angeles, CA 2. Miami, FL 3. Las Vegas, NV 4. Orlando, FL 5. Detroit, MI 6. Houston, TX 7. New York, NY 8. Fort Lauderdale, FL 9. San Diego, CA 10. Chicago, IL

Below represents the top 10 most searched countries (excluding U.S.) on® International throughout the month of March 2013:

1. Italy 2. Spain 3. Costa Rica 4. Jamaica 5. Mexico 6. France 7. Dominican Republic 8. Canada 9. Switzerland 10. Brazil

Source: Omniture Discover- March 2013


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By Nicole Borkgren