Ok, I admit it, I have an addiction. I have had this addiction since the first time I walked into the door in Reseda, California in 1982. I remember it well because I got salsa on my dolphin shorts. You see, I am addicted to Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant.

Las Fuentes is sort of like your favorite underground band that became popular. While we are happy for the success of the Morales Family (by the way, we all bought them a nice house with all the money on flautas we have spent there), Las Fuentes is supposed to have been our little secret. I know, I know, the secret has been out of the bag for years and years, but most anyone you talk to that lives or was raised in the San Fernando Valley the past 20-30 years will surly tell you how long they have been going there. Sort of the same way we let others know that we were listening to Sublime before the self-entitled album came out or how we saw Jane’s Addiction at the Chuck Landis Country Club before Perry Farrell sold out and created Lollapalooza. Us Valleyites take pride in our Las Fuentes heritage and by the way……. the liquid mild salsa at Las Fuentes is waaaaayyyyy better then Jane’s Addiction ever was.

While back in the day- the convenience of living down the street from the restaurant was great. Back then, I could eat a fried chicken flauta on Saturday and Sunday and get away with it. Lucky for me, I now have to make a special trip to go to the original restaurant, however, those sadist recently opened Senor Sol closer to my house, so it is touch and go on my addiction all over again… And don’t get me started on Sol y Luna-that’s where I go when I wanna be Fancy.

I really do have so many fun memories of Las Fuentes. It was a meeting place for all our friends during our party years. We would meet there around 1 for lunch on Saturdays and make plans for that evening while I would do “shots” of salsa in those damn tiny salsa cups.  I remember many a day my husband (bf at the time) playing “Frogger” running across Vanowen to buy a few beers for our weekend lunch before they had their beer and wine license or not being able to get into my car because another car was parked to close to me in that ridiculously small parking lot for one of the busiest restaurants in the San Fernando Valley.

Las Fuentes. One more reason I am happy to call the San Fernando Valley my home. Oh yes, speaking of “home”, if you or anyone you know is interested in selling or buying home, please give me a call. I will have Las Fuentes cater your housing warming party and moving day.

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By Nicole Borkgren