I keep hearing whispers in my head. “If you build it they will come. If you build it they will come!” I know what you are thinking and no, we don’t have the Kevin Costner baseball movie Filed of Dreams playing on our Netflix all day long. I fully understand that I need to give you the reader a reason to read these blogs and that is what I intend to do. I am a busy parent like most of you and I fully understand that if you trust me with your 3-5 minutes of time, I need to make sure there are things of value or at least I will do my best to make sure the blogs will be entertaining if nothing else.

As I travel down the road that seems all too well travelled, I want to make my intentions known. First and foremost, I want to earn business and referrals. Your referrals are the most important thing to my success. I thank you in advance for them. I will be posting at least once a week for sure and maybe a few in-between.

Secondly, this blog is going to be about anything “home” related. That could be a great new property I have listed or one I have seen on the market, but most likely these blogs are going to be about community, the pride of ownership, and why “home” is so important to us and our families.

While I work anywhere in Los Angeles and have a few specialties with my bilingual social work back ground ,specialties like Latin Real Estate buyers or assisting seniors and baby boomers down size and find a more suitable living space after their kids are all gone, I will be focusing mostly on the San Fernando Valley.

If you read my blog “Not a Los Angeles ‘Hipster’ and loving it” you will know that I am a mother of two living and selling real estate in the San Fernando Valley. I have my Master Degree in Social Work and while I am now selling real estate in Los Angeles, social issues are still very important to me and I don’t believe they are exclusive of each other. With housing, there are so many “social issues” that come into play and my background and education bring a special skill set and perspective to real estate.

Please don’t make me a “mad women” that talks to herself.  I hope you will continue to come back and just as important I hope you will share these with your friends and family. Please leave a comment or give me a “like” if you came to this via Facebook. In this economy it takes a village to be successful and I hope you are part of my “village!” I really hope you enjoy your time on my website and reading my blog post.


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By Nicole Borkgren